Envelope Specialist for Existing Homes Online Course

Envelope Specialist for Existing Homes Online Course

*NOTE: students are expected to choose the Envelope Specialist course for either Existing or New, but NOT both.

Prerequisites: Building Science Basics or challenge the Building Science Basics Exam

Qualifies for: 4.5 BPI Continuing Education Units

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This course introduces you to building science and energy efficient improvements to the building envelope for existing* houses in cold climates. The aim of this course is to help you develop a working knowledge of heat, air, and moisture flows in a house, and how improvements to air sealing, insulation and windows impact energy consumption, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality.

Course Structure

This course is comprised of two modules. You may take the final test only once. When you have passed the final test with a grade of at least 70% you will be issued a Blue House Energy Certificate of Course Completion as a PDF.

This course will take an estimated 9 hours to complete for initial and subsequent module reviews, module quizzes, final test and review of the downloadable resources.

The course will be available for use for eight (8) weeks from the date of purchase. Please contact us if you need to request an extension.

At this time these courses are not available for tablets or smartphones.

All prices are in Canadian dollars plus GST/HST for sales within Canada.


Module 1: Air Sealing

  • Explain the purpose of air sealing 
  • List common air sealing materials used in energy efficiency renovations
  • Distinguish between air barriers and vapor barriers
  • Explain the issues related to thermal bridging
  • Describe at a high level air sealing techniques

Module 2: Windows and Doors

  • Explain how heat transfer through windows affects human comfort
  • Describe options for retrofitting existing windows and doors
  • Describe the features of high-performance windows
  • Describe the features of new doors

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