BPI EP Hands-On Field Exam Prep Course

BPI EP Field Exam Prep





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Gain experience and confidence in this one-day, hands-on course designed to prepare the participant for the BPI EP Field Exam. Attendees will receive equipment demonstrations for the updated 2014 BPI Envelope Professional Technical Standards, then practice with the equipment in our guided hands-on sessions. The prep course was specifically designed to help you pass the BPI Envelope Professional Field Exam, while honing your knowledge, skills and abilities.

This course is delivered in our technically innovative Field Training & Test House by expert BPI Proctors and Super Proctors.

Hands On Experience

  • Live demonstration features multiple brands of diverse equipment, as needed to complete the tests below.
  • One full day of hands-on practice with building performance equipment
  • Gain experience on various models of the most popular equipment, including state-of-the art wireless products and their applications.

Package Includes

  • Overview of the BPI Envelope Field Guide
  • BPI 1200 BA Standards
  • Practice using the BPI Envelope Professional Field Study Guide

Topics Covered In This Course

  • Health & Safety Issues
  • Testing for Ambient Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • Identify Moisture Related Issues
  • Identify Indoor Air Contaminants
  • Identify Existing Fire Hazards
  • Insulation/Air Sealing Structural Problems
  • Successfully Perform a Combustion Safety Test
  • Correctly Test for CO in the Oven
  • Testing for Ambient Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • Practice the Blower Door Test
  • Identify Heating & Cooling Systems Types
  • Measuring the Exhaust Fan
  • BE Insulation
  • Test Out

BPI Super Proctor Instructor

The BPI EP Field Exam Prep Course will be led by Super Proctor Andy Wahl. An expert in hands-on learning techniques, with 10 years of computer technical support experience, Andy has completed 7,500+ energy analyses and provided technical training throughout California— including energy auditing staff, multiple utility programs and software consultation. His career. in the Building Science field began in 1980 when he attended Jordan Energy Institute to study Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. He and his wife, Cara, own AC Home Performance, Inc., and a Zero Net Energy retrofitted home. Certifications: RCS Auditor, HERS, BPI Super Proctor.