CHERP Real Estate Workshop – Turn Green-Homes into CA$H – Lunch & Learn Workshop


Turn Green-Homes into CA$H Lunch & Learn Workshop Lunch & Learn Workshop
All Real Estate professionals can benefit from this free workshop to learn additional strategies and information to gain more listings, more sales, and assist their clients to increase the value of their homes.

Attend this free workshop, enjoy lunch & receive a $300 Gift Certificate for a Home Energy Assessment.

More Listings
This class will provide Realtors with exciting new marketing strategies to teach them how to deliver value-added to clients by showing them how to increase the value and equity in their homes providing a valuable exit strategy for the future. Clients who plan to remain in their homes will be delighted to learn how they can reduce their utility bills and make their homes healthier and more comfortable with little to no money out of their pocket.

More Sales
Realtors will also learn how to build an inventory of homebuyers interested in purchasing homes with low utility bills by learning how to leveraging  FHA 203K’s and EEM’s along with utility rebates exceeding $11,500 and federal tax credits to maximize energy-efficient upgrades and minimize the net-cost of energy improvements. Realtors will learn about a growing range of energy financing programs available to their clients even if their homes are underwater, their credit isn’t perfect, or if they have limited income.

Higher Home Values and Increased Loan Amounts
Realtors will also learn how they can use existing appraisal guidelines to help their clients increase the value of their homes and learn about pending federal legislation to amend appraisal and underwriting guidelines for FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac allowing higher appraisals for energy-efficient homes and higher loan amounts to homebuyers and homeowners who purchase or refinance energy-efficient homes.

Jack Frost is the Regional Director of CHERP in Greater Sacramento.  CHERP is the Community Home Energy Retrofit Project.

Sponsored by
The CHERP Program is funded by PG&E, Pacific Gas & Electric Company.  This workshop with lunch is sponsored by PG&E, CHERP of Greater Sacramento and the Building Performance Center Inc.


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TBD 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
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12:30 pm – 1:00 pm
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Free.  Scholarships and lunch are provided by PG&E.


Call Jack Frost at 916-616-7962